1962 Corvair Monza Station Wagon



March 2015

Just a few short years later, the project is complete.

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Dec 2006

One of my daughters drove a '61 Lakewood when she was in high school and now more than a decade later she thinks she'd like to have another one. We kept our eyes open hoping to find a suitable candidate but one never came along so we settled for this Monza Station Wagon. The Lakewood was based on a 700 series Corvair but only about 2500 of these 900-series wagons were built and only in 1962. So we're happy to have this beauty.

The car was complete and has only a couple of spots that are rusted through so it should be a pretty easy project as these things go.



 October 2014

The interior is done.
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June 2014

The assembly process is under way. Click on picture to enlarge



May 2014

A white top and bright red body make for a real eye-opener...

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March 2014

Finally after months of rust repair, the body work nears its end. Final priming and block sanding will follow within a week or two. Final color choice is bright red with a white top and a fawn interior.

A new set of tires with one of the hub caps in place give a bit of an idea what we're in for.


May 2013

The Monza was load onto the trailer and hauled to the media blaster.

May 2013

Once back home, the evaluation begins.

May 2013

A little more cancer than we had hoped, but nothing too serious.

April 2013

Now that the project is started, the first order of business was to replace the fender that had a litte bout with the Big C.

The "new" fender was welded in place.

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