A Yenko Stringer Clone - In Progress
Since the demise of my '65 Corsa, a new project is afoot. The crashed Corsa at the left is becoming the organ donor for a Yenko Stinger clone.
The beauty shown below is a '66 Monza 110/4. I acquired it in a trade and seems to be in reasonably good shape. As near as I can tell it has been parked in a carport since about 1980. A copy of a 1978 Arizona Daily Star was found in the truck and since it is almost rust-free, I'm assuming it an Arizona car. A great foundation for this project.
August 2004
June 2004
Van Pershing - Tucson, Arizona
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Some paint stripper, sandpaper and a decklid and sail panels and it's starting to look like a Stinger!
December 2004
Bodywork is almost done. Guide coat has been placed over the primer and block sanding is under way.
April 2005
Finally the paint. White with Nassau Blue stripes and highlights.
Just adding the wheels and tires really makes a difference! These are 14" X 7" Pontiac wheels painted black with beauty rings and home-made hub caps.
May 2005
The interior is almost done and the exterior is almost completely done. The next items will be the engine install and the brakes and it should be drivable!!
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September 2005
It's almost done, if "done" is ever a realization on these kinds of projects.
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