Keyless Remote Trunk Latch for Corvairs


Lynn Dykes of Summerfield, Florida has modified his '67 Monza's trunk latch to release remotely with a keyless entry module from Pep Boys and other hardware supplied by  The photos below show details of how to do it while maintaining the safety latch and the ability to still use the key to open the trunk the old fashion way.


If one takes apart the trunk latch it can be modified so that it will open by the key or by remote and still maintain the factory secondary latch. Once the trunk pops open, just reach under the lid and push the release rod to open the trunk the rest of the way.

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The secondary release rod is very close to the trunk lip as you can see in the photos. The biggest hurtle was to get the thing to work with the lock bar installed because you cannot turn the latch cam with the lock installed. That is the reason for opening the latch and attaching the new release arm after the lock cam.
If you have any question about this project, contact Lynn directly at