Installing Bumper Guards

by Greg Smith, Vacaville, California (hilandr451)

It uses the standard mounting holes for the bumper

Here's the tools I used:
A home-made timing chain retainer tool for doing head gasket R&R's on Datsuns (oops I' m dating myself), a 3/4" wrench & socket.
The Object of your obsession
The back side
The top mounting bolt goes in from the front, and the bottom comes in from the rear (....huh- huh...he said "rear")
Behind the bumper
This one's a bit of a stinker.
I slid the bolt/washer assy. in behind the mounting bracket....
The secret weapon:
Here's where that home-made tool I built for working on Jap-Crap all those yeas ago came in - I just pounded this little gizmo in behind the top bolt wedging it in real good. Then I was able to jamb that stinkin' bolt in the hole through the bumper & frame so I could get a nut on the end. After I had a bite on a couple of threads, I just grabbed the wire & yanked the wedge out, stuck a wrench on that side & ran her home. Easy as pie! (when you have the right tools)
Viola!! Bumper Guards!!