Here's a link that show how Don installed an E Brake with a peddle.

Don's Ride

(as of March 2006)

Don Campbell of Tucson has put together this nice '65 Stepside. It's not quite done but it sure turns a lot of heads and puts a lot of smiles of peoples' faces.

A brilliant metallic orange paint with darker orange flames means Don will probably be getting tickets for speeding when he's parked!





Never happy with the ordinary, Don whipped out a rear roll pan with Bow Tie shaped tail lights one Saturday afternoon while he was watching a baseball game. (Back up light are optional!)








Because he lives so far from work and needed to drastically reduce his commute time, Don decided on the optional engine upgrade. A 500hp 454 cubic inch internal combustion piston engine! It actually gets much better mileage* than most hybrids on the market today. It presently backed up by a TH350 transmission which he doesn't think is going to hold up for too many more "commutes".

* Were are not talking about gas mileage or miles per gallon in the typical sense. Here are referring to thrill mileage or thrills per mile.