Reynold's Ride

Richard Reynolds of Grand Rapids, Michigan is the proud owner of this '63 1-ton panel truck. He has equipped the engine compartment with a '93 5.7 that has been converted back to a carburetor - a Q-Jet.

When gas hit $3 a gallon, Richard decided that the Cadillac may not be as economical as this 5.7. The 5.13:1 read end and the granny 4-speed were replaced with 3.23:1 gears and a Turbo 400 tranny. The front disc brakes are from an 80s one-ton pickup.

Even though this 400 hp Cadillac motor did the job, it wasn't as easy on gas as Richard had hoped.

The seats are compliments if a Dodge van. The steering column is Cadillac and the console is from a Ford Windstar.

The billet instrument panel is dominated by a TR3 speedometer.

One might look at this panel truck and think it would be a nice vehicle for cruising the strip on Saturday night - and it is! But that's not what is was made for. It's main duty in life is to transport this vintage Volvo race car to and from the race track. It has gone as far south as Sebring, Florida and as far north as Mosport Raceway in Ontario, Canada.