1963 Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier

"Come get it or I'm towing it to the junkyard". That's what my wife's cousin said to me in 1976. A little work later and the old Greenbrier was ready to go. A new 110 and 4-speed along with a cool set of Chevelle SS 14x7 rims and we were rollin'. This picture was taken in Denver where we lived at the time.

   We put lots of miles on it and ended up moving home to Arizona where it served us well as we hauled our four kids everywhere, took the Boy Scouts to all parts of the state and towed a tent trailer to Rocky Point, Mexico several times a year.
    Notice the evaporative cooler on top of the roof. It didn't cool great but it was better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! It was Coleman unit and parts became very hard to come by so it was eventually replaced with a sun roof.
    We finally let the Greenbrier go to a good home in the late 80s after putting more than 140,000 miles over the almost 100k it showed on the odo when we got it.

The road to this beautiful spot high in Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona is really rough. This trip used up the left rear tire and the spare! It sat for a week of Scout camp while reinforcements came.

The lower Colorado River is a great place to enjoy. Complete with boys and a flotilla of folding kayaks the Greenbrier stands ready to serve.

Casa de los Niņos Car Show, Reid Park, Tucson, Arizona - circa 1987
Fast forward to 2018. The Greenbrier found its way back to us. After a year of restoration it's finally back on the road. Check it out......

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