1961 Chevrolet Corvair Lakewood


 $200 in 1981 was all it took to tow this baby home. I was pretty rough but all the pieces were there. Hours of hard work produces a nice little it car that that serves our family well for many years. The old 80hp gave way to a 110hp and Powerglide transmission never missed a lick but it never won and races either.

The Ford pickup yellow paint job earned it the name of "The Banana Mobile" at the local high school to which our our daughter drove it every day..

Casa de los Niņos Car Show, Reid Park, Tucson, Arizona - circa 1987 

I think I used this car to tow home every one of the other vehicle we owned including the much newer ones. The only time I had to go save the Lakewood was when one of the kids ran it out of gas.

'63 Greenbrier

'65 Corsa

'65 Monza 4-door

'66 Corsa Convertible

 '66 Yenko Stinger