700R4 Transmission for your '60-'65 Chevy/GMC Pickup
Cross Member for 700R4 Transmission Mount
Here's what I did instead of buying a transmission cross member to put a 700R4 transmission into my '65, which of course will work on '63 to '66 trucks. I used the cross member out of an '83 Suburban. I had to drill holes in the frame for mounting but it fit like it made for it. The picture on the left shows how it mounts to the left side of the frame - 4 bolts: 2 on the side and 2 on the bottom. The picture in the middle shows how it mounts to the right side. The cross member rests on the flange of the frame with 2 bolts holding it in place. The picture on the right show the installation complete and how the transmission mounts. Click on each picture for a bigger view.
Jason Spray used this cross member from a Crown Victoria for his 700R4 installation. He modified to fit his early model truck ('60-'62). Jason says: I believe that the cross member can be found in the 90s to early 2000s Crown Vic, Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car.
700R4 Conversion Tips    
Here are several tips that may help you when you are replacing that old worn-out manual transmission with a modern 700R4 Overdrive unit.
Tim Williams down Alabama way made the change on his '66 283/3-speed and here are some interesting points he shares with us:

A few tips for someone else doing this conversion - some may be obvious to most of you, but were not to me.

If converting a 66 283 with a 3speed manual and you have to deal with a chain auto parts store ask for a flex-plate for an 82 C10 with an automatic and a starter for the same year. (Your old starter will not work.) Verify that the flex-plate has the multiple locations for different torque converters - mine did.

You will need a new yoke.

If you purchase an aftermarket cross member and have not moved your motor forward be prepared to drill new holes.

700r4's are metric. Get the right bolts.

A later model 700R4 will have a pulse generator gear that will be difficult to remove. If you take a dremel and slice thru the gear stopping short of cutting the shaft it will slide right off so that you may install the correct gears. Bowtie Overdrives speedo gear selector chart works perfectly by the way. My speedometer is now correct - it never was before the conversion. Your speedometer cable will be too short if it has never been replaced - a 72 C10 cable available for about 9 bucks at the auto parts store fits perfectly.

I used the TV Made EZ from Bowtie Overdrives (not the band) and couldn't be happier - easy to install and adjustable to change the shift feel slightly.

I used a tilt column from a 72 truck and the Kugel Components shift linkage kit with the "long" rod - worked fine and allowed me to easily line up the gear pointer.

Gas mileage improvement is the way I justified this swap, and for once, I won't be kidding myself as there is a marked improvement.

Oh, one more thing. If you are doing this on an assembled truck, do yourself a favor and remove the old cross member with a Sawzall or a torch - trying to get the rivets on the cross member with the cab on is just not worth the aggravation.

"Disclaimer" If you set your truck on fire with the torch, It is not my fault (but it is not hard to put out if you are paying attention)!

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