** The Chevy Truck Idea Page - 1960 to 1966 **

A Place for Lovers of 1960 to 1966 Chevrolet and GMC Light Duty Trucks
Restoration/modification ideas for '60-'66 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks

There are lots of cool things that can be done to these old trucks. Some are modifications to make them a little more modern or user friendly. Some are trick customizing details. Some are just ways to make the old stuff last a little longer. This is an atempt to record some of those ideas and provide a place to view them. Please share if you have anything to contribute. Thanks.

Van Pershing, Tucson, Arizona
Revised: 14 July 2014


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Drive Train Items
Body Ideas
Bed Ideas
Upper Radiator Hoses
C-20 Cab Mounts
Bed Tips & Dimensions
700R4 Tips
Cherokee Door Checks
Tank Under the Bed
TBI Fuel Injection
Add a Big Back Window
Gas Caps & Doors
Modern Power Steering
Install Bumper Guards
Modern Steel Bed Floor
Motor Mount Info
Third Brake Light
Tailgate Latches
Aluminum Radiators
Front Roll Pan
Spare in the Bed
Parking Brakes
Roll Pan Exhaust
Quick & Easy Bed Tie-Downs
'98 K2500 Wheels on K20
Bob's Grill
Recessed Antenna
Convert 60-62 Front Suspension
Install a Spotlight
Side Trim Drawings
Coolant Over-Flow (Burp) Tank
Wild and Crazy
Convert to a Smooth Cable Throttle
On this page you'll find stuff that, to say the least, is unusual. This like sketches of a Blazer version, an extra long bed pickup, airport limos and a photo shop version of an extented cab pickup. Or how about an Avalance? Do you have anything to add? Pass it along!
Fuel Pump Installation Tip
Electrical Items
Wiper/Washer Basics
Sweet Rides
Intermittent Wipers
Go to this page and look at some of the nice looking trucks that contributors have added to the Idea Page. It's a nice collection of trucks that will spark your imagination and inspire you to make yours a little nicer!
Improved Headlights
Interior Items
Electric Cooling Fan
Classic Industries Gauges
Sales Brouchers
Dolphin Gauges-How To
Here's the1965 Chevrolet Truck, Pickup Models, Sales broucher and a '63 Broucher. If you happen to have other years you wish to share, they can be added here with no trouble. Let me know. Thanks.
Backup Light Options
Add a Tachometer
Add a Clock
Add a Vacuum Guage
Miscellaneous 4X4 Items
Modify Stock Guages
Here are a couple of items that are posted as Reference for those who are looking for T-221 transfer case information.
Chassis Items
Chrome Dash Bezel
Add a Front Sway Bar
Door Panels
17" Wheels
Yukon Seats in a Burb
Trailer Hitches
3rd-Row Yukon Seat
Here are a couple of my favorite links. The guys that put these sites together have a real love for these old trucks and have gone above and beyond to provide this great information for the sole purpose of preserving our trucks and providing us with a little extra knowedge and inpiration to keep going.
Progressive Rear Springs
Seat Belts
Gas Pedal Differences
Heater Fan Fix
My Truck
In 1999, I bought this '65 C20 with a 292 cid/4-speed transmission and factory air at a yard sale here in Tucson. A couple of years later I was happily driving in my new truck with 350/700R4 in cool air-conditioned comfort. Now, some 10 years later, a new paint job brings a more retro look and has become a real head-turner.
MUST-SEE for great ideas

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Here is a site you have to see for some great truck ideas. A few of the well-documented ideas include: Camaro hood louvers, '64 Impala taillights on Stepside fenders, rear stake pocket replacement, 4" bed widening, Camaro dash, floor-mounted parking brake lever, cool grill modification, cab vents, and a ton of other items.

John (lakeroadster on chevytalk.com) has done a great job of giving details on each of the changes he's done on his '65 Stepside.