Alternator Tips
Install a 10SI Alternator w/Internal Regulator

Alternator w/ internal regulator

Step 1: Go to the autoparts and pick up a more modern alternator with an internal regulator. And go to "Help" section and buy a new terminal. One like in the picture on the left. The tabs are end to end instead of side by side. Plug it into the alternator. Take the red wire, the one closest to the "+" post and connect it to the big red wire that comes from the battery.

Step2: There are 4 wires connecting to the old external regulator. The last wire is the one you need. Test it to make sure that it's hot (12 volts) when the key is on. Now, connect it to the white wire on the new plug you just bought.

Step 3: There is no step 3. You're done!

Thanks to Jim Thingwold for this tip

Optional: It is the opinion of some that you shouldn't be giving the white wire 12 to 14 volts. They recommend you put a resistor in the white wire before the alternator. You can use the same ceramic type unit that they use on the older cars (say a '55 Chevy) between the ignition switch and the coil. This is supposed to make things less likely to burn out.

Alternator that needs the external regulator. You can kind of see that the plug (at 12 o'clock) takes a different plug than the new alternator. This one has side by side tabs.

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