The Tail of Two Gas Pedals

There are two different gas pedals for the '60 to '66 Chevy/GMC pickup trucks. The first generation pedal bolts directly to the floor board. The second generation pedal is secured to the floor by snapping into two ball-headed studs that serve a pivots. According all the vendor catalogs, the first generation pedal fits all '60 to '63 trucks and the second gen pedal fits '64 and '66 models. The photos below show the difference.
This picture shows the undersides early pedal (above) and the late pedal (below). The early pedal bolts directly to the floor and, being made of rubber, flex just above the where it bolts to the floor. The late pedal snaps into two special studs that screw into the floor that allow the pedal to pivot.


Here is a picture of the late pedal along with the two special studs.
This shot shows the studs screwed into place in floor.

I have a '65 3/4-ton Chevrolet that had a first generation gas pedal when I bought it. The bolts that hold it to the floor are exposed and collect debris in their countersinks and look a tad bit unsightly. The second generation pedal is smooth and clean from the unsightly bolt heads. It figures that since all the catalogs called for my year to use the second generation pedal that the pedals would be interchangeable and all I would have to do is buy the new pedal and studs and make a quick change. Not so! Only after I cut away the carpet and floor mat did I discover that the spacing on the holes between the two pedals is not the same. The studs went into the floor just fine but, low and behold, the new pedal would not snap in place. As can be seen in the first photo above, the mounting holes are just a little bit closer together that the ones on the new pedal. Too close, in fact, to be able to easily make a new hole to space one of the studs over a bit. So for the time being I'm stuck with unsightly bolt heads AND an unsightly little pooky in my carpet....

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