More Gas Tank In Your Bed
The larger nozzle on the original GM sending unit is the overflow return/vent line. The short smaller one is the safety rollover valve. The long smaller line is the fuel outlet. Use rubber fuel hose from this line to the corner of the tank and transition to steel there.

Steel Line: Rich ran the steel line up the inside of the frame rail randomly secured to the frame along its run - there are several holes already in the frame rail so you don't have to do any drilling. There's a picture of the clamps Rich used on the next page.

Tank Coating: The tank was coated with a roofing material from Home Depot called "Cool Patch". It give a nice finished look to the tank as well providing anti-static properties. One quart was enough to give the tank two coats.
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Bed side gas door is complements of a 90s Olds Omega.
Here the tank is jacked up into position ready to be secured.
More Fuel Tank Installation
This is a sketch of the photograph that should have been taken!! This shows how the wooden standoffs finally ended up as well as the routing of all the hoses.