Third Brake Light for the '60-'66 Pickup
I'd always heard that a third brake light assembly from a late model Suburban/Tohoe would fit nicely and look good on the '60 to '66 Chevrolet / GMC pickup trucks. Since I actually own a 1996 Suburban, I thought I'd give it it try to see it it was true. Even though I haven't done the actual install yet, here are some rather crude pictures of what it would look like .
I removed the light from our Suburban (which, by the way, you can see in the reflection of the dirty rear window), and taped to the truck to see what it would look like.
Here you can see that it fits nicely and looks like a light they might have designed at the factory.
If you notice in the first picture above, the light doesn't fit flush against the sheet metal of the cab. That's because the light has a couple of locating tabs molded into it's plastic base. When you trim these off it will fit like a glove.
You'll have to drill a small hole in the cab for the two wires to pass through. You can run them along the same route as the dome light wires. There are provision for two sheet metal screws to attach the assembly to the cab.

Here is a light that was installed by John (LakeRoadster on Three holes in the cab are needed: one for the wires and two for the attaching screws.

As you can see, it fits like it was made for the '60-'66 trucks.

Wiring is simple enough:

  • Fish the wires from dome light opening toward drivers side, down cab and along channel that runs along bottom of door opening.
  • The yellow wire on the 3rd brake light was attached to the white wire from the brake light switch that is mounted under the steering column above the brake pedal.
  • Black wire on 3rd brake light was grounded to the cab.

John has a bunch of great ideas and he's executing them on his Stepside. Check out his thread CLICK HERE