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Add new yukon seat to your pickup or Burb

Here are some updated photos with the seat anchors in place and a nice console installed between the front seats. 8/27/06

Check it out! '96 LT1, bagged w/ 4-wheel disc brakes.

two sets of third rows seats. These units take all the guess work out of where to mount the seat belts. I'm not sure, but I would guess that Suburban seats and Yukon/Tahoe seats are close enough to being the same that they would work just fine. They also fold flat and are removable just like they're supposed to!

Kelvin Hunt of Roseburg, Oregon (LT1BURB on took seats from a 2004 Yukon and added them to his 1965 Suburban.

He used the front seat as shown here, which looks like would work in a pickup, and ..........