SEATBELTS for '60-'65 Chevy/GMC Trucks

Here are several examples of seatbelt installations in various '60-'66 trucks submitted by Friends of Advanced Design


Here's the outboard inertia reel. This unit comes from an '85 S-10.

These belts are installed in Cuyler Wilkinson's  '65 Chevy C20. The seatbelts came out of a '85 Blazer S-10.


Cuyler used 1/2" grade 8 bolts throughout his installation. Be careful not to put the anchors too high up or you can't reach the nuts to tighten them.

Here's the outboard inertia reel. These units came from an '85 S-10.

Driver's side inertia reel. This bolts to the indentation in the cab floor and no bracket is required.

Here's another example of belts in Van Pershing's '65 C20. This installation was done using after-market units from G.E.M. Streetrods.


The driver's side inertia reel is bolted directly to the indentation in the cab floor and no bracket is required.


The instructions say to place the anchor about ear height. Be sure you can reach the bolt to tightened the nut on the back side before yo drill the holes.


The belt for the center position is a lap belt and uses the same mounting points in the cab floor as the inboard sides of the passenger's and driver's belts.


Underneath the cab floor the large, thick flat washers provided with the belts are used.


On the passenger's side there is no indentation in the cab floor, so a bracket was modified as a mounting point.



All in all, a nice looking installation.
This setup belongs to Adam Kirby's '63 C10 Custom Cab Short Bed  Fleetside. He calles the 45 year-old clunker "Ol Timer". He says he's mighty proud of it, so don't make fun! His belt installation was inspired by the setup in his Honda Integra. He grew up in Lawrence County, Alabama living in a house whose front yard was a junkyard/shade tree mechanics garage. Thanks to his dad, he started loving Chevys at a young age. He says the only reason for the Honda is for the gas mileage. He's had is truck for a couple years with a bench seat and no belts at all. He kept having an unsettling feeling of sliding across the seat around every turn. So he decided to upgrade the pickup a 4-point harnesses system similar to the Honda. He bought this setup off ebay and purchased all the nuts, bolts and washers from his local hardware store.

The pictures he provided pretty much tell the story:


Here's Adam's set up in his Honda that served as inspiration.












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