Dome Light for Beds and Dining Table


Our Niagara came with a couple of fan/light combinations that clip to the roof support bars over the beds and dining table. They weight a ton don't a great job of either moving air or lighting.

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These fan/light combos are really clunky and don't do a very good job of lighting and the noisy little fan puts out just enough air to make you wish you had a real fan.
I bought a new dual dome light at the RV store and fashioned a light that does a much better job of light the dining table and/or the bed area and looks nice.
I cut a piece of flat plastic I had laying around the shop and cut it a little larger than the shape of the light. I bought a some broom holders from the hardware store and mounted them to the plastic piece and them fastened the light fixture to the other side of the plastic. I used the end of an old electric guitar cord I had for the plug.
It's a lot lighter than its predecessor in both weight and illumination!