Camping Trailer Improvement Ideas


Here are some items that we have used on our 2007 Fleetwood Niagara tent trailer, mostly. They might come in handy for you as well.

Ideas for the Jayco 23B Hybrid can also be found here.

A Dome Light for the Beds and Dining Table
Fix those droopy valance curtains.
Plastic Bed Rail Extentions - always breaking!
Set-up and Take-down procedures for the Niagara - Important Basics
Niagara 12-volt Wiring Diagram: 2005-present
Carrying Rack for Pop Ups with built in Roof Rail
ABS Roof Repair
Repairing Roof Support Plastic Fittings
Sewer Hose Support - Easy, Inexpensive, and Functional
Axle Upgrade and other improvements
Cooking Range Droopy Cover: Easy Fix

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